The Hangover


As tonights game started, you could tell things were a little more different than Wednesday night against Dayton.  The crowd was a little less, a little less electricity and almost at times a forgone conclusion that the Jays would win the game, whether by 20 or by 1.  Northern Colorado kept up with the Jays for about 33 minutes.   From there, some great back-to-back three pointers, once by Cavel Witter and once by Kaleb Korver and it gave the fans something to cheer about in this one and ended up winning 85-66.

When I was previewing this game, there were a few things I wanted to see.  How did they do..

  • Inside Game-Well, Creighton worked hard on getting the inside game going.  They got the ball inside, but it was the finishing that was a bit to be desired.   Kenny Lawson was only 4-10 and just could not finish some of those.
  • Continuing the good Rebounding–Well, they lost that one as they were outrebounded 38-25.  That was one of the things keeping UNC in the game.  One and done by the Jays and Northern Colorado getting 11 offensive rebounds to the Jays 2
  • Kaleb Korver and Booker Woodfox 3 point shooting–6-10 combined from 3.  Not bad at all.
  • Dunks by P’Allen–Yep, a couple nice power dunks for crowd excitement and P’Allen posing for the camera.  Nice.  Saw a spark of a smile.  Now if he can get those ball handling skills down.  There was one possession that there were about 4 opportunities for a turnover and eventually there was with a dribble off the foot.  Lately, I have been getting scared when P starts dribbling the ball to take on someone one-on-one.
  • Antoine Young more minutes–Well that didn’t happen.  I happened to hear though that Coach Altman has some reservations putting Antoine in during the second half of games due to a turnover bug in the St. Joe’s game in the second half.  Still needs to build the trust for those close games. But hey, that will come.

What is always worrisome in these types of games are injuries and the thin Frontline might have become a little thinner.  Kenton Walker was injured midway through the 2nd half.  Looks like a hyper-extended wrist.  You hope it was nothing serious.  Hopefully it isn’t the same hand he injured this summer.  That might be a bad thing.

However the big positive I saw tonight is the continuing of confidence building by Kaleb Korver.  Again, another career night in points and the willingness to shoot when open.  The two straight threes right towards the end of the game was a thing of beauty.  The other fun thing was watching Josh Dotzler play with the most energy of all the Jays tonight diving on the floor for loose balls and recording 6 steals.  He also even took two 3-pointers making one.

Well, Monday night another game with another 0 and whatever SWAC team in Southern University.  I won’t be there due to several conflicts, but hope everyone else enjoys the game.

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