Finals are Harder Than We Realize

I wasn’t able to go to the game tonight due to other various previous committments and believe me, I had my own crazy night.  But I was still interested in how the Jays did tonight playing the worst team in Division I.

Looking at the Box Score, you would assume that with Southern committing 29 turnovers and Creighton having 17 steals and keeping their own turnovers to single digits that the Jays blew Southern out of the Qwest Center.

Didn’t really turn out that way as Creighton jumped out early but then as I turned on the radio close to the halfway point of the 2nd half, the Jays were in a dogfight.  Similar to the last game with Northern Colorado, Creighton went on a spurt late in the game  including three straight threes by Booker Woodfox and pulled themselves away a little bit, this time winning 71-60.

Looking at reports and the box score, here it the good:

  • 4 players in double figures (Booker, Witter, Stinnett and Carter)
  • P’Allen Stinnett had 7 steals.
  • Chad Millard played 30 minutes getting some playing time (while Kenny Lawson played only 10 because of foul trouble. )
  • Point off of turnovers was 34-6 in favor of the Jays.

I think the players deserve a pass on this one with today being the first day of finals and then needing to play  a basketball game after being mentally drained.  I forgot myself how Finals Week always killed me and that I just wanted the semester to be over.  So that is understandable.

It is now a week until the next game and that will be against Fresno St. in P’Allen’s stomping grounds, Las Vegas.  Physically and mentally it will be a great opportunity for this team to be refreshed and ready to play to hopefully get a couple decent wins before the gruelling conference play starts.

The big question still hanging over the team’s head is the status of Kenton Walker and his wrist.  So far none of the x-rays have shown anything, so now it is an MRI being done to see what is going on.    The frontline is thin as it is.  Hopefully it is a sprain or something not too serious and Kenton can be ready for conference play.  I think he will be someone greatly needed down the stretch.    Thanks for keeping us up to date Matty P.  Hope the shoulder is feeling better.

It is time for Vegas and then the Christmas holiday to fly by.


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