Gametime Primer: Jays vs. Southern

creighton VS 

Monday, December 15, 7PM
Qwest Center Omaha
Las Vegas Classic

Radio: Big Sports 590 AM or
TV: None, Video Streaming Available

Creighton Game Notes | Southern Game Facts

Other Previews

Creighton started play in the Las Vegas Classic this weekend as they host the first two games of the tournament along with other hosts Fresno St., St. Louis and Depaul over the next week.  Here is the full schedule of the games:

Home Sites
12/13–Creighton (WIN) vs. Northern Colorado
12/15–Creighton vs. Southern
12/17–St. Louis vs. South Carolina Upstate
12/17–Depaul vs. Liberty
12/18–Fresno St.  vs. Northern Colorado
12/19–St. Louis vs. Liberty
12/19–Depaul vs. Southern
12/20–Fresno St. vs. South Carolina Upstate

In Las Vegas
12/22–Creighton vs. Fresno St. and St. Louis vs. Depaul,
12/22–Northern Colorado vs. Liberty and Southern vs. South Carolina Upstate
12/23–CU/Fresno winner vs. SLU/Depaul Winner and Loser vs. Loser
12/23–UNC/Liberty winner vs. Southern/USC Upstate winner and Loser vs. Loser

I pretty much have no time today and a too crazy weekend for me to do a real preview, but the skinny is that Southern is another O-fer in the win column SWAC team that the Jays should pretty much handle.   They are currently the worst rated team in all of Division-I.   There really isn’t too much to preview here other than a beat down.

Maybe their band will show up.  Isn’t that what the SWAC is known for?

Hopefully the shooting won’t be as cold as it is outside.

Prediction:  Jays 90, Southern 55


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