Las Vegas Classic Games Webcasted

December 16, 2008

I heard on the radio post game last night that video coverage of the Las Vegas Classic games for the Jays will be available.  Today, Creighton Athletics released the actual information.

All games from the tourney in Vegas will be available at $8 per game.  This is not included for current Creighton Video Webcast subscribers. The tourney announced their partnership with B2TV to broadcast the games.  I’m not sure of the quality, but if you really want to watch the games, now you have the opportunity.  I’m sure there are several places around the Metro that will be signing up for those games as well.

Here are a couple of other updates on TV/Video games for the Jays.

  • It sounds like the game at Bradley (Jan. 10th) broadcasted on WTVP (Peoria’s PBS station) may not be able to be broadcasted back to Omaha due to several constraints but there is still a small window that it could happen.
  • Nebraska NET has picked up 3 home games to be broadcast.  The January 27th Indiana St. game will be on NET-2 (Cox channel 16), the February 1st game against Missouri St. will be on NET (Cox 12) and NET-HD (Cox 712), and the February 17th game against Evansville will be on NET and NET-HD.
  • So as of now, the only other game left on the schedule that doesn’t have any TV coverage is the New Years Eve game at Indiana St.  but there will be a web video stream available for that one.

This is pretty impressive that Creighton can be on TV so many times this season.  Who would have thought that would be the case years ago.  Pretty exciting.

BTW,  my reports on Rush the Court for the Valley and Big 12 have been posted.