Around the Rim–12/18/08

December 18, 2008

Since we as fans sort of have a dead week of our own with not a lot of basketball and the interest in how Evansville will look against North Carolina tonight, here are some interesting tidbits:

  • First, hopefully some good news about Kenton Walker.  No broken or fractured wrist, but maybe some finger ligament damage.  I guess we’ll have to see how practice goes, but there is a good chance he could play in Vegas if all goes well.   I know Mr. Perrault has a show to promote, but I wish he would sometimes not exaggerate so much on what he might know on a situation.  We end up disappointed or it isn’t as big of a deal as hyped up to be.   He’s the same one who blew up the P’Allen situation into something it was not basically saying he was done with Creighton just to get fans in a frenzy.  Not cool.
  • Yet Another Basketball Blog had a nice entry this past week about the 10 things that makes you College Basketball obsessed. So far I’ve only done five of the ten, but have the desire to do all 10 at some point in my life.  How many have you done?  Is there anything missing?  I think they have it pretty well covered.
  • Wichita St. senior guard Ramon Clemente is using his Facebook account (good luck finding it–Double G must have made him hide it now) to try and calm the Shocker fans down.  I guess that is an interesting way to handle things.   The media and fans are all over them in Wichita.  Deservedly so in some respect.
  • Bradley will decide by the Jan. 10th game against the Jays if Andrew Warren is going to play this season.  It sounds like they are going to shut him down, but I guess we’ll see.
  • Most people probably know this already, but Alex Chapman has decided to leave Nebraska.  The player that was going to be the “tallest player” for the Huskers this season continues to have knee issues for the past two years and hasn’t even set foot on the court yet.    Makes you wonder if his career is over or if  Doc asked him to leave since he is going to have to make room for scholarship players since I think as of right now, he has like 15 or 16 guys that could have a scholarship, but there can only be 13.
  • Free popcorn has been eliminated for the Jaybackers and people are also complaining about parking.  Will people just enjoy the basketball.  Geez.  It will be interesting to see if the Qwestopos stop me as I try to start bringing in my big bag of Vics.
  • I guess we are supposed to go easy on the refs since there are fewer and fewer people reffing because of all the criticism and fan abuse. Well if they would stop playing the game of calling a foul after waiting to see if the shot goes in, that is my pet peeve.  Usually if there looks like a foul, and the shot goes in, then they won’t call it, but then if it doesn’t the whistle blows way after the shot.  Call it or don’t.
  • I guess since Evansville basketball is having one of it’s best starts in several years, the City of Evansville is jumping on the bandwagon.  They hired an advisory committee to recommend the city build a new 11,000 seat downtown arena to replace the 52-year old Roberts Stadium instead of renovating it.   It is estimated to cost between $117 Million and $127 Million to build, could start this summer and be ready for the 2011 season.   This is just another example of how the Valley’s success over the past few seasons has garnered more interest.  With the Qwest Center, the new Missouri St. Arena, Northern Iowa’s new Arena, large renovations to Koch Arena in Wichita and now Evansville, it just shows how these new venues are starting to become a selling point to potential recruits and makes the Valley more viable.
  • And finally, think of this folks–With a win against Iowa this weekend, Drake will sweep Iowa and Iowa State for a third consecutive season, something the program has never done.