Booker Woodfox-MVP and Mr. Clutch

Creighton DePaul Basketball

Kenny Lawson, All Tournament Team

The Jays won the Las Vegas Classic tonight beating Depaul 83-75.  Non-conference opponents and media people keep talking that P’Allen Stinnett is the player to stop on this Creighton team.  Apparently they haven’t seen too many of the games and have not looked at too many of the box scores.  For the 6th straight game, Booker has led the team in scoring and has just been unbelievable shooting the ball from 3.  He is now shot 40-73 (54.8%) from three and in the last 7 games 31-50 (62%) He has hit shots when the opponents are on a run, he is making shots with hands in his face .

Scoring 50 points in two games in Vegas against Fresno St. and Depaul earned Woodfox the tournament MVP.  Kenny Lawson also earned himself an all-tournament team award.   Overall the Jays have been playing great team ball.

I will have to give Depaul credit.  They fought until the end.  To start the game, Creighton was on fire and stealing balls and got out to a huge lead.  It almost seemed like they were going to run them off the court.  The Jays  then hit a drought and Depaul started chipping away at the lead.  However, Depaul never led in the game and each team had their own spurts throughout the rest of the game.   Depaul also has a couple of special players in Dar Tucker and Mac Koshwal.  Tucker scored 32 points and Koshwal grabbed 22 rebounds in the game and just dominated Creighton on the boards.  In some respects, the Jays were lucky to win the game.  But here is the stat that won the game.  The Jays were 18-19 from the free throw line where Depaul was 13-24.  Also the Jays only turned the ball over 8 times, only twice in the second half.

The most frustrating part of this game was that the webcast was horrible.  It isn’t that the video wasn’t bad, but the score/time was frozen and eventually disappeared and the only audio was of the public address announcer.  The night before for the Fresno St. game, they had the score, time and the BS 590 radio feed going on.  What the hell happened that it didn’t happen the same way tonight.  So it was a challenge to figure out what the score was without being 20 seconds ahead listening to the actual radio broadcast.  What a cluster on that one.  I expressed my disappointment at B2TV.  They are like drug dealers–they treat you right to start off, but then stab you in the back when you come back.

However, a win is a win and this was a good win for the Jays.  They are now 10-2 and headed to conference play opening at home against Wichita St. on Sunday.   The roles are getting pretty well defined for this team and It will be interesting to see how they start off in conference play this season after starting last season’s conference play 0-2.  It will be important for them to get on track right away.


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