Pass Me the Crow Please

It is one thing to lose a game.  It is another thing to be totally embarrassed.   That is exactly what happened to the Jays tonight.  They were totally embarrassed by Illinois St.   Everything that went wrong could and they could not keep up with the what appeared to be the more athletic Redbirds.  After seeing this game, I will eat the crow I deserve and say that Illinois St. is all that.

Within the first five minutes of the game when Oguchi and Eldridge hit 3-pointers from Indiana, I knew the Jays were in trouble.  Creighton couldn’t seem to get a rebound if their lives depended on it.   Outboarded 45-27 was just sick.  Then you add 14-6 in points off turnovers, 15-7 in second chance points, and 13-2 in fast break points, those are the settings for a whoopin’

Back to my keys of the game–one was stopping Eldridge.  Well the player of the game got going early and never stopped pouring in 20 and grabbing 9 rebounds to go along with 3 assists and 4 steals.   The team had 18 assists in 29 baskets while the Jays only had 5 on 24.

Another key was the performance of Lawson, Walker, Millard, Korver and Harriman.  Take away Lawson’s performance of the 2nd half and they were a combined 1-13 from the field and 13 rebounds.  Just not what was needed.

Gtmo pointed out to me in the comments on the preview post that I was missing Forced turnovers, steals, FT and players not playing in big games that would favor Creighton….well it all went against the Jays.  He also said it would take 3-4 players  to help win this game for Illinois St.  Well it was Eldridge along with Oguchi, Philips and  Okiakosa who were just studs for the Redbirds.

Well it is time to head back home to save face at the friendly confines of the Qwest Center to play Northern Iowa on Tuesday after probably one of the worst conference losses for the Jays in a while (other than that Bradley thing last year).  I hope things can get righted soon as it is a trip to a hot Bradley team and then SIU who always are tough with the Jays.  Boy there is still a lot to do.

One Response to Pass Me the Crow Please

  1. gtmoBlue says:

    Got any leftover “Crow”? I need some for my Ala King dish. (smile)


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