Around the Rim-1/12/09

A few different things to put out there before the Southern Illinois game that might be of interest:

  • Wednesday’s night game against SIU is a White Out which means everyone should wear white to the game.  If you are poor and don’t have a white shirt for some reason, you can still go out to the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs and get free whiteout shirts.  Just show them your tickets for the game and they will give you shirts.   I did it and it was real easy.  However, they only come in one size–XL. As of Sunday night there were about 3000 shirts that remained.  If the Horseshoe is not an option, Lawlors has printed up whiteout shirts for sale as well at their locations–Oakview, Westroads and 84th and J.  Even if you think this is a dumb idea or don’t want to do it, please do just to help create the atmosphere.
  • Speaking of the game, if you are not able to go and want to watch the game, it is on Fox Sports Midwest.  However, there is also a Nebraska basketball game that is being played that time and scheduled for Fox Sports Midwest as well.  I guess it has been known for months that Nebraska’s games were going to be on Fox Sports Net in Omaha so they had priority.  Cox had to get special clearance to broadcast the game for channel 2.  So while the CU/SIU game will be broadcast on Fox Sports Midwest (which is usually for the state of Nebraska), it is not cleared for the state of Nebraska  except for Cox Channel 2 in Omaha.  I called Time Warner Cable in Lincoln and they are no help at all.  They have no idea whether the game will be available or not.  They said to check the guide to see if it is there, but that they have no information on the game and whether it will be available.   Oh, and the other suggestion on how I would find out if it is on in Lincoln, they told me to “Check the newspaper, they do a pretty good job of knowing if it is on TV or not.”  Funny stuff.  So it may be likely that it will not be available in Nebraska outside of the Cox service area.  That’s too bad since I do know several Lincoln fans.  Guess they will just have to come up and go to the game.
    UPDATE:  As of right now, here are the channel assignments for the Nebraska and Creighton games on Wednesday night (from the UNL Athletic Dept.):

    Nebraska at Iowa State on Fox Sports Midwest
    Cox – Omaha: channel 47
    Time Warner-Lincoln: channel 37
    Qwest – Omaha: channel 33
    DirecTV: channel 672
    Dish Network: channel 449

    Southern Illinois at Creighton on Fox Sports Midwest and alternate channels
    Cox – Omaha: channel 2
    Qwest – Omaha: channel 3
    DirecTV: channel 671
    Dish Network: channel 418

    So as of right now it appears the Creighton game will not be on Time Warner in Lincoln.

And in other news:

  • I will have to say that the people in Peoria are gracious losers.  The TV broadcast crew was really pretty deadon and told it like it is.  I expected more of a homer broadcast, but either they changed their broadcast for the Creighton fans viewing it or they are just that way because they were very complementary and knowledgable about Creighton.  But my point on this is that there are two commentaries by the Peoria newspaper writers Dave Reynolds and Kirk Wessler that made me feel like they were writers from Omaha.  It is too bad that the great job that Steve Pivovar does for his coverage of Creighton that the World-Herald won’t give him his own Jays column.  Peoria does a great job covering Bradley and the Valley.  A lot of great information comes out of the PJ Star.
    Plus, you have to love the Bradley Shuffle:
  • After Drake’s great run last year, you can tell they are bandwagon fans due to the attendance at games this season.
  • If we see Coach Altman goin barefoot during the game at Wichita St. next weekend, don’t be too surprised.  Several coaches are going “Barefoot for a Cause” to help gather a million shoes for children.  Kevin McKenna from Indiana St. is confirmed that he is taking part and the Mid America Conference coaches and several coaches from all over Indiana and Charlotte, NC are taking part.   I don’t know if more coaches from the Valley are taking part, but here is more from ESPN on the program.
  • This is a little late now to mention, but when Northern Iowa was heading to play Wichita St. last week, Wichita reporter Paul Suellentrop interviewed UNI beat writer Matt Coss and one of the questions was what his favorite road trip was in the Valley.  I think he was hoping he would say Koch Arena where the Shockers play, but instead said “Omaha wins out narrowly over Wichita. For different reasons, I love the basketball atmosphere at both venues. In my fifth year on the beat, Wichita is the loudest environment I’ve encountered, but the Qwest Center gives you a feel of big-time basketball with more than 16,000 fans there. Wichita has the better eating establishments, but Omaha is half the distance and I won $250 on my last trip there at the casino in nearby Council Bluffs. I can’t wait to get back next week.”  I don’t think I can agree about the eating establishments since Omaha at least at one time had the most restaurants per capita in the nation (though Wichita has made the claim in recent years.)  However, I guess the UNI players liked the road trip too.
  • This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone, but the  SWAC feels lost on the road.   Conference play started with a 15-101 record and is the worst conference in the nation.  Creighton was lucky enough to play 3 SWAC teams this season in Arkansas-Pine Bluff (2-11), Southern (1-14), and Mississippi Valley State (1-14).  Pine Bluff received between $75,000 and $80,000 for each game, and pocketed a total of $715,000 for the 11-game road trip.  Though they need the cash, they are really running basketball into the ground and they need to change something soon.   Anyway, an interesting take on the SWAC situation and it is not good.
  • Speaking of the SWAC, I don’t think former Kentucky star Sean Woods knew what he was getting into when he decided to become coach of Mississippi Valley State.  His frustration just piles on the problems in the SWAC.

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