MVC/MWC Challenge Matchups Announced

The Mountain West Conference and the Missouri Valley Conference announced the matchups for the first MWC/MVC Challenge.   Creighton (New Mexico) and Wichita St. (TCU) had matchups already in place due to existing contracts for home-home that already started this year.  This also sort of messes up the scheduling of the event for next season.  Evansville was left out since they finished last the season before and there are only 9 MWC teams.  In keeping with the overall objective of the Challenge, match-ups for the first year are based in part on 2008-09 pre-season rankings and on RPI rankings from the previous year, or RPI rankings from the preceding three-year period.

Here are the matchups announced today:

Nov. 13 Bradley at BYU (BYU, 2-1, last met 12/17/77)
Nov. 20 Colorado State at Indiana State (tied, 1-1, last met 12/30/81)
Nov. 21 Southern Illinois at UNLV (UNLV, 2-1, last met 12/23/83)
Dec. 5 Air Force at Missouri State (first meeting)
Dec. 12 TCU at Wichita State (WSU, 5-2, last met 12/8/08)
Dec. 19 Creighton at New Mexico (UNM, 2-1, last met 11/16/08)
Dec. 19 Illinois State at Utah (first meeting)
Dec. 22 San Diego State at Drake (DU, 4-2, last met 11/25/77)
Dec. 23 Wyoming at Northern Iowa (UW, 3-0, last met 12/13/08)

In the future the challenge will take place the last week of November into the first week of December.  Looks like we also have another date for the Jays on the calendar for next season along with their participation in the Old Spice Classic in Orlando  Nov. 26, 27, and 29th.   Some interesting matchups.  I’m just kind of surprised that more of these matchups haven’t happened before with TCU vs. Wichita and San Diego St. vs.  Drake the only ones that have met more than 3 times.  Then a couple first time matchups as well.  One good thing about this is that people already have a date for the game against New Mexico and if they want to make the trip down there to “The Pit” then there is plenty of time to make plans!  I’m sure TV is going to be involved as well, but no information has been released on that yet and probably won’t for a while.


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