Bull Fighting at its Best

Many of you have experienced the Wichita St./Creighton game in all its glory from Saturday night.  I’m not going to waste time going over the disappointing aspects of the game since it has been talked about already by others and others

Watching this game late at night Sunday, I was just amazed that this team is still trying to find it’s identity and the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are alive and well.  Not knowing which team is going to show up home or away.  Anyway, the defense was porous at best and as some has referred to in the past as Bull Fighting defense, there were enough red cape ole’s  for the Shockers that anyone could win when you can shoot within a few feet of the basket and make dunks and layups.   No rebounding is an understatement.

I did enjoy the energy and effort of Antoine Young and Booker Woodfox.  Antoine has really been able to get his game to fit into what the Jays are trying to do and will suck more playing time from Josh Dotzler and Cavel Witter.  The spurts of effort by P’Allen at times is really frustrating.  The “deep bench” that was supposed to create 40 minutes of h*** has not materialized this season and it is frustrating to not have a solid feel for what this team is doing.

The only hope now is that with about a 1/3 of the season left that they can get a win  on the road at Evansville and enjoy the home court advantage for 3 straight games to right this ship.   Stay tuned to see if this team can rise to the occaision.

If this season does not materialize an NCAA tournament birth, I can see fans start to get into a tizzy about this program.  Expectations have been raised for this program whether it is fair or not.  Winning 20 games and getting to some postseason that is not the NCAA Tournament will not be enough.    Oh well enough of the soap box commentary.   Just wait and see.


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