New Blog Contributors

It is really exciting to see all of the different Bluejay fans stepping up to keep all of us up to date with what is going on and filling some spaces with information that has been missing for most Bluejay fans over the years. The Bluejay Cafe forum has been a nice launching spot for conversation–some good, some a little ugly.    I would be remiss not to give some love to Creightonotter and Polyfro for the blogs they do.   I also have RSS feeds from their blogs on this site for easy access.

Anyway I am happy to announce that there are 2 new contributors to this Bluejay blog.  This is kind of exciting.

  • First off we have Creightonjoey, who posts regularly to the Bluejay Cafe and is one who keeps track of recruiting for the Jays.  He is going to be contributing recruiting updates on a regular basis and help us get to know a little better who the Jays are recruiting and what the status is of those players.  He is updating the Jay Recruiting page on the blog.  Be sure to check it out.
  • The other new contributor is a person I would like to affectionately call “The Bracketeer.”  This person has been doing their own Bracketology for years before Mr. Lunardi over at the WWL and would now like to make his knowledge known to the millions “and millions.”  He will be contributing on a regular basis as well leading up to March Madness as part of “The Bracketeer” page on the blog.

Hope you enjoy these contributions as we follow the Jays.  You are always welcome to leave comments to make this site better.  I think these contributors are a great opportunity to enhance this site.  They are being paid in cookies and my deep appreciation.  Thank you to all who find the information posted here useful or not…


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