Who Would Have Thought…

79-57?  On the road?  P’Allen Stinnett scores 4?  Shy Ely scores 26?  Creighton loses, right?  Nope not on this night.

I was a little skeptical at the start of the game when there were so many shots by the Jays that were in and out of the basket the first 4-6 minutes and I thought the team was in for a long night.  But then things settled down and the Jays shot almost 58% for the half and 5-7 from three.

Then the second half came and the Jays extend the lead up to 30 and the rout is on.  Scoring on 16 of 17 possessions in one stretch,  and shooting 56.6% for the game, this team once again played team ball like they did against Bradley.  21 assists on 30 made baskets.  39-27 rebound edge.  8 players played 20 minutes or more.   Now if they can hold on to it for a stretch.  3 games a home is a great start.

I continue to get excited about the progress of Antoine Young.  He just looked so comfortable out there in the first half flying around the court scoring, dishing, playing defense.  It will be amazing what he could do by the time he is a Senior.

P’Allen Stinnett again with a quiet night.  However his 4 assists were a nice stat to see.

Kenny Lawson, Casey Harriman and Justin Carter were just all over the place tonight, going for every loose ball getting the rebounds and scoring career highs.

Now if Kenton Walker can just get that screening down….I get the feeling the Valley referees know about his troubles and moving screen issues and look for it on purpose.

Oh and the referees.  For once the game of basketball was played for the most part and the flow was not controlled by the refs.  What a sight to see.  They must have known they only had that 2-hour time window to get the game in!  I kid :)

This team tonight is really the team I expected to see all season.  With the bonding over the summer and for the most part a lot of the same players from last season, I had hoped to see this team from the start like they played tonight.  Honestly this Jays team could dominate the Valley if they really wanted to.  It is a shame Northern Iowa is the team that seems to be rising to the top so far and that Illinois St. gets all the hype just because they stayed undefeated so long playing a horrible schedule.  I think this is a turning point and one that can be a great positive.  With Drake,  Indiana St. and Missouri St. coming to town, this is the time for this Bluejay team to start showing why they were predicted to win the conference.  I know, a win like this makes everyone drink the Kool-Aid and say things they shouldn’t, but winning by the margin they did on a conference  road game for the first time since I think 2003 against Indiana St., it makes you want to believe.


One Response to Who Would Have Thought…

  1. gtmoBlue says:

    Hey BC…

    It’s okay – it’s alright. Believe, my man, BELIEVE! Watch the Jays roll.

    It gonna be a great Bluejay season – Still. Gonna make us all very proud.

    We’re hittin’ the final stretch, the RS ‘Gun lap’. The Jays are gonna do a Creighton Run – they always do. Close it out strong, as per most Altman teams.

    Cake, baby…piece o’ cake.


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