Team Efforts Drive the Jays

Kyle Weems Dweebs has a lot to learn.  The Jays got off to a bit of a slow start and Missouri St. was taking advantage and scoring some points.  then Dweebs hits a three pointer.   No big deal.  Then soon after that Dweebs takes another 3 and hits it.  Now, I had to take a bit of a double-take because it looked like after he hit that three that he turned his head and started jawing to the Creighton bench.  A little later in the half, Dweebs hit another three and again he turned and jawed something to the Jays bench.

Finally at the next dead ball, one of the referees pulled Dweebs to the side and said something to him.  I think it might have been “I’ll T you up if you do that again.”  Anyway, as Missouri St. headed toward the locker room at halftime I heard a couple fans berating Weems and he actually looked up and acknowledged the fans.  He was listening.

That was a bad mistake—the fans got in his head.  He went into halftime 4-9 from the field and 3-5 from 3.  The 2nd half wasn’t quite as profitable for him as he went 1-8 and 0-5.   The Bears leave Omaha with a 75-51 loss.  Who gets to jaw now?

Years ago at the Civic, Jamar Howard from Wichita St.  had the same problem.  A friend of mine was all over him (mind you, we were not courtside) and Jamar heard him and acknowledged him.  Again bad mistake.  Howard had one of his worst games ever.

I guess my point is, out on the court, the game is the focus and playing as a team requires that focus.  Today’s game against Missouri St. was once again a team win.  When the Jays play together as a team, they do amazing and exciting things.  When some of the team is off or another player does their own thing, that is where the Jays get themselves in trouble.  Today was just a great team effort.  19 assists on 29 baskets.   Guys diving on the floor.  Pizza for the first time in a long time for the fans.

I think Kenton Walker had one of the best games in his career and glad that he was still confident enough to shoot the ball and continue to take it inside.  After the first couple of his misses early in the game, I wondered if he would ever hit a basket in the game.  Boy was I wrong.   7-10 from the field, 15 points and 5 rebounds in 21 minutes.

Though P’Allen Stinnett was running on one knee, he had a very nice lob dunk and made some great plays.  Though Booker Woodfox is still struggling with his shot,  Casey Harriman, Antoine Young and even Josh Dotzler made up for it.  Kaleb Korver gets 6 rebounds.   I know Booker and Kaleb are struggling with their shots, they will get it back and when they do, look out Valley.

Then you had Justin Carter.  Boy, he just keeps improving game after game in conference play.  He seems to be in on every rebound.  He is starting to become more of a scorer.  He is just becoming a well-rounded player.

These two games this week have had to be a confidence builder for this team with a fragile psyche.  Now we will have to see if this confidence continues to blossom on the road with tough games at Drake and league leading Northern Iowa who both won in Omaha in the same year for the first time in a long, long time.  There is some payback involved, but the team effort needs to keep going in order to win.  Go Jays.


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