Jays selected for ESPN2 on Wildcard Weekend

The Jays game against Illinois St. on Senior day at the Qwest Center on February 28th was selected to be broadcast by ESPN2 at 1PM as a part of the Valley’s “Wildcard Weekend” selection.

The other “wildcard” game that will be on Fox Sports Net@ 7:30 that same day is the Evansville @ Northern Iowa game

Here is the MVC announcement

There will be an announcement on Monday for the TV time for the Bracketbusters game against George Mason for the 21st.  With the announcement that the State Wrestling finals being held at the Qwest Center being moved up a half hour, it is very likely that was done so that the Qwest Center will be ready for the 8:30 time slot that is for ESPNU.  Before, it was discussed that when the state wrestling finals would complete, the earliest the arena would be available is 9 PM, but there is not a 9PM TV slot, only the 8:30 and 11PM.   So thus the movement of the wrestling finals.   The 11PM slot is probably going to the Utah St./St. Mary’s game.


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