Around the Rim–2/10/09

There are several little news tidbits that might be of interest going on this week.

  • A couple of items on a couple of the Jays non-conference opponents to kind of keep up with them and the stories going on–Dana O’Neil from ESPN has been kind of focusing on the A-10 with a few articles this past couple of weeks.  The first being the whole process of how St. Joseph was able to use the Palestra for their home games this season.   A very interesting series of events.   The other article is on Dayton’s Chris Wright, who the Jays shut down in the game against Dayton.
  • In case you might have missed this a few weeks ago as it probably got lost amongst the bustle of the basketball season, there is now going to be a 4th postseason tournament to go along with the NCAA, NIT and last year’s launched CBI tournament that Bradley was in the finals for.  This year a 4th one supported by will also compete for teams.  That brings the number of teams to 129 that could participate in some kind of postseason.   CollegeInsider is known for their Mid-Major Top 25 poll that they do throughout the year.  I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I guess the more basketball teams can play, they can prepare a little more for the next season to strive for the NCAA.
  • Kenny Lawson’s hometown newspaper, the North County Times has a nice article on him and he talks about how he likes the up and down game that the Jays play.  Lawson said. “I don’t like the cold and snow too much, but everything else about it has been positive.  “The school is good, my teammates are great, the coaches are top notch and the people here are really nice.”
  • There was an article posted in the Washington Times on college coach longevity at one school.    Dana Altman is in the top 16 current active coaches that have stayed at the same school for the longest period of time.   It is kind of interesting to see the guys above him in the list are from schools like Austin Peay, Oakland, Coppin St., Fairleigh Dickinson, Troy and Sacred know real powerhouse schoools.
  • I am usually a big reader of the NCAA Fanhouse site where they have some interesting articles on things, but this one from last week really confuses me.  They were talking that there could be as many as 4 Mountain West Conference schools that could be in the NCAA Tournament this season.  Now we all know about the MWC/MVC Challenge occuring over the next 4 years and Creighton’s matchup this year with New Mexico, but it is kind of confusing to me how that could be even possible.  I can’t say that their top teams have really stuck out to me, but also when you never see any of these MWC teams on TV (due to their limited MTN TV network), how can anyone say that they deserve that many?   How is their in-conference play any worse than the Valley?    That will something for another day as we take a look at the top 4 teams of both the MWC and the Valley and get some answers..
  • In former Jay news–Kyle Korver talks about the things he had to do as a Rookie as sort of his “chores” for players.    And DeAnthony Bowden had a little trouble with the law last spring getting 3 1/2 years probation, but has turned things around and scored 62 in the opening game of the CBA championships.
  • Finally, fitting for Valentine’s Day this week, a sweet, sappy story on the Jay’s Dustin Sitzmann and his proposal to his fiance from the Gothenburg Times.  Not only does Dusty work hard to set the bar in practice, but he is also setting the bar high for other men looking to propose.

In a little local promotion, my Rush the Court updates on the Big 12 and Valley have been posted this week.  Creightonjoey has also updated our Jay Recruiting section of this blog.   This guy continues to provide some great information to follow recruits.  Fellow Creighton blogger Polyfro was invited to take part in the CBS Sports college basketball blogpoll.  Congrats to him.

I’ll say it now and I’ll say it again I’m sure later—Students–Fill the Qwest the rest of the season.  The Jays need your support.


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