The Pattern Continues


Box Score

I’d like to think that I didn’t get a game recap posted on purpose because I was waiting for Northern Iowa to lose tonight…..but I didn’t.  After I saw this sign at the Creighton game last night, I started worrying about whether my TV would get the signal I needed since the analog TV stuff was supposed to be shut down last night.  But seriously, NET missed out on a great sign at the Qwest last night to advertise the analog shut down.  Oh well.

Actually between getting a bunch of boy scouts situated and settled for a basketball game, extra family in town going to the game with me, add in an exciting game and just a crazy day, I was just plain worn out to post anything last night.   Then to see how Northern Iowa lose another game at home, this time to Drake, it is just the topping on the cake and the Jays are now tied for 1st in the Valley.

The Jays game last night kind of ended up like I mentioned in the pre-game that every contest with Evansville at the Qwest had a pattern of single digit game, blowout, single digit game, blowout and this one was setup to be a single digit game.  Sure enough we got it.

It is a good thing Jason Hollsinger and Shy Ely are Seniors.  These guys seem like they have played forever and you could tell they really wanted to get a win at the Qwest Center before their careers were over since they were 0-3 coming into the game.  Hollsinger had 30 and Ely had 26 and shot a combined 18-32 from the field and 15-17 from the free throw line.  As much junk defense and different players on those guys that the Jays threw at them, those two couldn’t be stopped.

However, 2 performances by some unlikely heroes saved the game for the Jays.  The Freshman, Antoine Young, took over the game in the second half looking like a Senior taking it to the hoop and making some pretty impressive shots leading to a career high 15 points and only 1 turnover.  Cavel Witter, who has been for the most part quiet over this past month as Young has taken more and more minutes at the PG position, has been adjusting to the SG role and stepped up huge down the stretch.  His iceman free throw shooting helped keep the Jays going and had 15 points of his own.   P’Allen Stinnett, Kenny Lawson and Booker Woodfox contributed to the balanced scoring with 5 guys again in double figures.

The contest of HORSE ended up with a 3-point miss by Ely, a scramble reboun then timeout by Justin Carter and a break away dunk by Antoine Young to seal the game.  It wasn’t pretty, but it took Creighton to it’s 7th straight win and the pressure was on Northern Iowa tonight to win and keep the one game lead on the Jays.  However, they choked away the game and Jordan Eglseder missed two free throws with 5 seconds left and UNI lost 47-46 in an ugly offensive struggle and a lot of turnovers.

Creighton now is in a terrific position and if they can just keep winning, they can win the conference.  The last week of the conference season is going to be a fun one.  This whole thing is almost looking like a made for TV movie.  Let’s hope it has a great ending.


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