MVC Awards and MVC Tourney Coverage

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately.  With my first trip ever to the MVC tournament, it has become a lot bigger than I ever expected.

But before I get into that, the Valley released many of their postseason awards today.    Booker Woodfox got the Player of the Year.  It is well deserved.  There have been so many games this season that Booker carried this team on his shoulders and helped lead the Jays to victory.  Who would have thought that two seasons ago, a JUCO transfer coming off the bench and struggling early would turn into the player he has.  Polyfro and Otter have great posts about Booker that I know I could not duplicate.  They sort of say it all.

To be real honest, I had still expected Booker to come off the bench yet coming into this season because I thought he seemed to be really effective in this role.  Man was I wrong.  To shoot with the confidence he has and taking many end of the game big shots, it is too bad he won’t be back next season.  Here’s to the hope of a deep NCAA run so we can still enjoy his shooting touch.

As for the other awards,  I was not overly surprised with the All-Conference Teams:

First Team
Osiris Eldridge, Illinois State Jr. G
Shy Ely, Evansville Sr. F/G
Adam Koch, UNI Jr. F
Theron Wilson, Bradley Sr. F
Booker Woodfox, Creighton Sr. G

Second Team
Kwadzo Ahelegbe, UNI So. G
Jonathan Cox, Drake Sr. F
Chamberlain Oguchi, Illinois St. Sr. G
P’Allen Stinnett, Creighton So. G
Josh Young, Drake Jr. G

However, what I was surprised with was the All-Newcomer team:

All-Newcomer Team
Kevin Dillard, Southern Illinois Fr. G
Ali Farokhmanesh, UNI Jr. G
Clevin Hannah, Wichita State Jr. G
Toure’ Murry, Wichita State Fr. G
Chamberlain Oguchi, Illinois St. Sr. G

I think it is too bad that Justin Carter was not selected to this team.  He was someone who came into the starting lineup for the Jays right from the beginning and generally was the most consistent player on the team.  Granted the guys in this list look like the top newcomer scoring team, but Carter provided consistency in rebounds even though he didn’t score all the time.

The other confusing award was the Defensive Player of the Year that Bryan Mullins won although he sat out almost the last half of the conference season.  Was there really no one else to consider?  I actually think Theron Wilson from Bradley should have won the award.  He had more defensive stats as far as steals and rebounding than Mullins.  I’m really curious to know what they based the award on.  It looked like it was a “lifetime achievement” award and if they gave it to him just because he was injured to miss the rest of his Senior season, then Josh Dotzler should have won because of all the injury adversity he has overcome to lead the Valley in steals this season.

Ok, so now to the MVC Tournament.  Like I mentioned above, this first trip to the MVC conference tournament will be an experience like no other.   As you may or may not know, I have been a correspondant for the College Basketball Blog, Rush the Court providing weekly reports and other things on the MVC and Big 12 conferences.  Thanks to them, I get to be part of the media at the MVC tourney which means extra access to players and coaches and some of the other festivities surrounding the games.   So in addition to adding updates to this blog, I will also be doing  work for Rush the Court and their RTC Live programming.

So here is what is going on for me this weekend:

On this Bluejay Basketball Blog:

  • Gametime Primer for each Creighton Game
  • Postgame reaction including exclusive pictures and information from the postgame news conferences on the Bluejays.
  • “The Bracketeer” will be providing me an updated bracket on Friday.

For Rush the Court:

  • Live blogging coverage for the Bradley/Southern Illinois conference tourney game
  • Live blogging of  one of the games on Saturday
  • Live blogging of the MVC championship game on Sunday
  • Daily tournament updates on the Rush the Court site.
  • Exclusive pictures and other information from the MVC Tourney

Though we are only going to live blog one game each day, I still hope to be behind the scenes and immersed into Arch Madness.  This is where you can get involved.  If there is information you would like to know about any of the players and coaches of any of the teams or certain questions you would like asked at the press conferences, I would entertain any reasonable requests.  The job of RTC and this blog is to get us, the fans of basketball, involved and excited about the games.  Feel free to drop me a line or just to comment.  This will be a fun MVC tourney and I am excited to get this great opportunity.


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