Shaking off the cobwebs

Box Score

The Jays had not played basketball in over 10 days.  Bowling Green came off of their MAC tournament appearance over the weekend.  You sort of knew the Jays would come out a little flat against Bowling Green in tonight’s game.  But I didn’t expect 0-11 from the three point line in the first half compared to the Falcons hitting 6 of their first 8 from three.  I had dejavu going through my mind as I listened to the game tonight as the Jays shot only 34% in the first half while the Falcons shot 47%.

Yes, I listened to the game.  With other committments going on in between when the game started and when it ended forced me to give up my tickets to some other lucky people.  Lucky to see the second half go much better for the Jays.

I think my living room has a nice path as I paced back and forth in the last 5 minutes of the game and the Jays finally getting their first lead on Booker Woodfox’s three.  An important one as he only went 2-9 from three and 2-11 from the field.    However, P’Allen Stinnett rebounded nicely after a horrible performance in the Illinois St. game going 5-8 from the field, 8-9 from the field to finish with 18 points and passing the rock around with 6 assists.   Someone must have told him he needed to get to the charity stripe in the second half as that was when all his free throws took place.

Once again the energy of Antoine Young off the bench benefited the Jays immensely and kept them in the game with his 12 points and playing some good pressure defense.

After Darryl Clements started the game so hot and Nate Miller wasn’t as much into the game at the start, I just had a bad feeling.  Then when Clements cooled down then it was Bowling Green’s goal to feed the ball to Nate Miller and let him take it to the basket.  Points in the paint were even, points off of turnovers were even.

But in the end the Jays survive and they get to host the 7 time NCAA champion Kentucky Wildcats at the Qwest Center on Monday night.  For me, this is something I thought I would never see.  Growing up in central Nebraska in the early 90’s, I wasn’t into Nebraska basketball that much and didn’t have a clue about Creighton since no one west of Omaha ever got news about the Bluejays.  But I loved watching Kentucky and how they revolutionized the use of the 3-pointer as an equalizer and destroyer of opponents.  I just loved the team.  And of course I was crushed at “the shot” that Dukie Christian Laettner hit in ’92 as I chronicled for Rush the Court.

But this time, I’m on the other side as Kentucky arrives in the Qwest Center Monday night.  Creighton fans better enjoy this because I don’t think you will ever see a team with this type of history and reputation ever come into Omaha again.  Kentucky would never play Creighton  here in a regular season game.  Just like UCLA, Kansas, North Carolina and UConn never will either.    If the Qwest Center isn’t sold out for this game, then I will be surprised.

Also this game will take center stage as it will be on ESPN and there are no other college basketball games going on (NCAA Tourney), so this is Creighton’s chance to show that they can compete with the Big Boys and let the nation know how our fans support this Bluejay Basketball Team.   However the Jays need to be a little more ready to play on Monday night, or Kentucky will dominate them.  2nd chance points and fast break points hurt the Jays tonight and with this athletic Kentucky team, you don’t want those stats to be the same.   This will be a good “eye” test for the Creighton program.    I’ll be there.  I hope everyone else is too.


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