Creighton-Kentucky Ticket Update

For those who have not gotten their tickets yet for what will probably be a sold out Qwest Center, here is some updated information.

  • If you want to buy non-season ticket holder tickets in the upper bowl, you can purchase them from or any other Ticketmaster outlet.  There were originally 1400 tickets of these type available.  As of yesterday, I had heard there were only about 500 of those left.
  • If you are a season ticket holder, you can still purchase your same seat tickets on Friday until 5:30 PM. and from Noon-3PM Saturday at the Qwest Center Box Office only.
  • If the season ticket holder tickets are not purchased–The remaining lower bowl tickets will go on sale to the general public starting at approximately 5PM on Saturday.  However, for the rest of Saturday, you will only be able to purchase the tickets  at and all Ticketmaster outlets (Baker’s, Younkers, etc.)  You cannot purchase these tickets at the Qwest Center Box office until Sunday starting at 11AM until 4PM or Monday starting at 10AM until game time.

So your best bet if you want lower bowl tickets and not a season ticket holder who already has tickets,  is to get online Saturday evening and to purchase them or head out to another Ticketmaster outlet right away. after 5PM.    You may be out of luck come Sunday if you want to purchase at the Qwest Center Box Office.

I know Kentucky fans travel well, so it is up to Creighton fans to take the initiative to purchase the tickets and pack the Qwest Center.


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