Jays Finish Recruiting Class

Wayne Runnels is the latest player to be joining the Bluejays next season.  The 6’6″, 215 lb. forward from Northern Oklahoma Junior College signed with the Jays after watching the Kentucky/Creighton game on Monday night.   I remember seeing someone in the student section Monday night with a sign that said “Wayne, become a Jay” and he must have saw that….

According to the OWH, Runnels finished his career as Northern’s second all-time leading scorer with 893 points and its all-time leading rebounder with 484. He averaged about 23 points and 11 rebounds this season when he earned Bi-State West all-conference honors in addition to being named the Region II player of the year.  He comes from the same school that produced Jay favorite Kellen Miliner.

Runnels, A fan of Facebook

Runnels, A fan of Facebook

Runnels season at Northern Oklahoma ended a couple weeks ago when they lost in the Region 2 championship game against Connors State College.  Runnels finished with 15 points.

Runnels joins Andrew Bock and Ethan Wragge as the incoming recruits for the Bluejays.  At this point, it would appear that the Jays would be done recruiting for this season unless something else happens with the team.


One Response to Jays Finish Recruiting Class

  1. gtmo says:

    Listened to Matt’s interview with WR’s Juco coach. His coach was very glowing in his praise of Wayne, his game, and his upside potentials. Evidently believes that WR still has some growth left to do as well.

    Appears to be a great pickup overall. Tough, athletic, good motor, rebounds…sounds like a George Morrow, Alex Stivrins, Box Brandon type of player. Let’s hope he continues to grow a bit.

    Not certain if Fish is done yet? You never know?

    Good class coming in. Appears to have met our immediate needs. Welcome to all of our new Bluejays: Andrew, Ethan, and Wayne.


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