Around the Rim–3/28/09

Boy, how the rumors  start to go rampant about things during the offseason, especially on the Bluejay Cafe.  Anyway, here is some information that might be of interest:

  • Rumors are running rampant about players being asked to leave, but on a different note, it might be coaches that might be exiting from the Creighton program.  There doesn’t seem to be anything confirmed online, but apparently assistant Todd Eisner is one of 2 finalists for the Northwest Missouri St. job that was recently vacated by retiring coach Steve Tappmeyer who coached NW for 21 years.  I have a real hard time understanding why he would want to move back to D-II coaching unless being a head coach no matter what is better than being an assistant.
  • I’m not really sure how much teeth the situation with Eisner has, but one other thing being reported is that assistant Brian Fish may be in the running for the North Florida head coaching position.  According to, UNF athletic director Lee Moon flew out to Omaha this week for the Kentucky-Creighton NIT game. Moon hired Creighton head coach Dana Altman when he was at Marshall, where Fish also played his last two years of college ball.  Coach Fish has been been instrumental in the Jays recent west coast recruiting success getting the likes of Kenton Walker and Kenny Lawson to come to Creighton.   If he were to leave, this would be a bigger blow to the Jays than Eisner leaving.  However, if one of them do leave, it will the 4th straight season that coach Altman needs to hire another assistant coach with Greg Grensing leaving to be an assistant at UNLV, Kevin McKenna leaving to be head coach of Indiana St. , and Mike Maker leaving to become head coach of D-III Williams College.
  • As everyone probably knows by now, Kentucky fired Billy Gillespie on Friday.  He just prolonged his firing by beating the Jays Monday night and then a tired Kentucky team got handled pretty easily by Notre Dame.  Somewhat related to that, there is a reason Gillespie was fired.  Kentucky, though they have been down, are still one of the most valuable college basketball programs according to Forbes.
  • People still don’t realize that when Creighton fans fill the 18000+ Qwest Center that only about 10% of the crowd is students.  Anyway, some props for the fans that were at the Kentucky game.
  • Here is the skinny on the 3-point competition that Booker Woodfox will be in next weekend.  The event will actually take place starting at 7:30PM even though it won’t be shown on ESPN until 9PM.
  • I know that the Qwest Center will never host a final four, but could it host the Division II basketball championships?  I”m sure the Qwest Center could be filled better than what they currently get.
  • Osiris Eldridge is going to put his name into the NBA draft but plans to come back to Illinois St.  Maybe he can keep his name in there with the success he has had against the Jays.
  • Evansville has to sell to their community that they need a new arena.

Everyone enjoy the madness of the elite 8 today.


2 Responses to Around the Rim–3/28/09

  1. Ryan says:


    I’m an east coast guy but have seen Creighton play a few times. Fun team to watch, and looking at your recruiting watch list, you are involved with some highly-rated players. Should have some great teams in the years ahead.


  2. Jon Green says:

    I’d be concerned about a D2 championship here… we have no real way of telling how this town would react, so we can’t assume that they would support it. That said, apparently the Wrestling Championship is at the Sapp Fieldhouse next year. If that draws well it would help reassure me… but I’m just not totally convinced fans would come out to see D2 basketball (UNO draws under 1000 a game in one of the best conferences in D2).

    Secondly the way D2 is done with regionals, there might be more desire to keep it somewhere more central (which in this case would be east of here). Teams this year from Georgia, Tennessee, California, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York). So 7 of the 8 teams would have to head west, and the only one who wouldn’t is from the West Coast, where D2 kinda ignores.

    Northern Kentucky would be a great spot in my mind. It’s closer to the midwest and southern schools, and not too far from the east coast.

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