Around the Rim–4/14/09

After a little break, I am excited to start doing some posts again.  Here are some thing of possible interest over the past couple weeks:

  • It is that time of year for transfers.  Obviously, people are aware of the Cavel Witter situation and the possible Kenton Walker situation.  I’ll probably post more later on those.   But the Jays aren’t the only Valley team losing and adding players.  UNI was probably the only team spared at this point which will make them tougher next year.  The Pantagraph has a good rundown of who has left so far.  I’m betting things aren’t done yet with this stuff so stay tuned.
  • As far as coaches, it looks like the Jays are still going to hang on to Brian Fish as he did not get the head coaching job at North Florida.
  • The Creighton/Kentucky game still gets talked about, especially since Gillespie was let go.  With Kentucky hiring John Calipari, I’ll be interested to see if Memphis will still be a power to reckon with or if this was the final blow to the “Mid-Major” programs to have any prominence in the NCAA Tournament with the large conference schools continuing to be “preferred”  Apparently the preference of having large conference teams play in the Tourney this year garnered good ratings.
  • The Jays play at Dayton this coming season and of course they have the same scheduling problems that the Jays have but sound like they have a decent schedule this season.    The Jays have a great tourney in the Old Spice Classic in Orlando over Thanksgiving.  Last season, all 8 teams in the tourney made the postseason including 6 into the NCAA Tournament.
  • Creighton recruit Andrew Bock continues to garner awards getting Player of the Year honors out in California, a John R. Wooden Player of the year and just missed getting California’s Mr. Basketball.   I can see why Cavel Witter wanted to solidify his position for next season as it looks like Antoine Young and Andrew Bock could pretty much solidify the point guard position and I bet Cavel didn’t want to come off the bench again playing the SG.  But once again, fans are going to put the pressure on a new player (Bock) early with high expectations going into the season.
  • I don’t know if people noticed the half empty arenas during the NCAA Tournament, but the Valley has to feel proud that in their postseason ventures in the NIT, CBI and CIT tournaments as they were involved in a lot of the games with the most attendance including the Jays running away with the top attendance figure of the tournaments.
  • This player has commitment phobia.  Just thought it was an interesting story.
  • Speaking of recruiting, an interesting story out of NC State last week where the NCAA has thrown a hissy-fit over a student starting a Facebook group to try and entice top recruit John Wall to consider going to NC State and that by doing this it is breaking NCAA rules.   As Matt Perrault would say….Really??    If that is the case, then every message board and every Rival’s type recruiting sites needs to be shut down because that talks about recruiting on all of those boards and message boards have several posters that type comments or articles including comments that are exactly the same as this Facebook group.  The NCAA says it wants to have a “level” playing field for every team.  Well that is a bunch of bunk because major recruits will still go to the large schools.  Geez…the NCAA can continue to live in this black hole and be very subjective about their opinions on things.  This is the same group who doesn’t want a football playoff because it would take the kids out of school too much but can take a group of kids out of school for 4 straight weeks because of the Basketball tourney.  The same group that is OK with having Rick Pitino or Mike Krzyzewski doing commercials during games of the NCAA Tournament or during the season, but says it doesn’t give them an advantage in recruiting.  Just keep lying to yourself.  Rush the Court has their own nice view of all this stuff.
  • Finally, there was a little hub-bub during the season about former UNI Athletic Director, Rick Hartzell refereeing games in the Valley.   He may very well be back in the AD seat again at a Valley school.  He has expressed interest in the open AD job at Missouri St.  in the Springfield Leader and has actually applied and interviewed for the job according to the Des Moines Register.   But if he does get the job, will he continue to do referee games in the NCAA?  Not sure how he handled the pressures of both while at UNI.  We’ll have to see.

I hope to post some more things tonight or in the next few days.  The offseason is definitely a different animal for people.  BTW, Creightonjoey has some updates in the Recruiting section and will have some additional updates in the next week.  Oh, and also, I didn’t post on this before, but I think it was a travesty that McClinton won the 3-point contest the other week.  Most of his makes, his foot was over the line, but they still counted him.  Maybe I am just sore that Booker didn’t make it to the next round.  Anyway,  good luck to Booker Woodfox in his future endeavors.


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