Final Win Scores for 08-09

As the season has gone on, I have been tracking the Win Score for the different Jays players to show their effectiveness on the court.    Here is the compilation of scores from halfway through the season, 2/3 of the way of the season and end of the season scores:

End of Season 5-Feb 6-Jan
Lawson, Kenny 10.36226 6.273299 3.030263
Woodfox,Booker….. 10.3461 7.093434 5.293241
Carter,Justin…… 9.030841 5.878753 4.226047
Stinnett,P’Allen… 8.068703 3.454417 3.764586
Walker,Kenton…… 6.521577 3.295806 1.831816
Dotzler,Josh……. 3.982681 5.893614 2.984109
Witter,Cavel……. 3.486473 1.566318 1.893257
Korver,Kaleb……. 2.367725 0.945783 1.382203
Young,Antoine…… 2.299679 1.053316 0.064661
Harriman,Casey….. 0.837723 3.08209 0.547159
Millard,Chad……. 0.297397 0.426636 0.397209
Sitzmann,Dustin…. -0.02444 0.011486 -0.21257

For most of the season, the starters were definitely the most effective on the court generating the most wins, but the last third of the season a few players stuck out:

Kenny Lawson Jr.–Kenny really came on the last 2/3 of the season, and by the end of the season, there were two factors that contributed to the team leading win score.  First was that he started asserting himself to do those little extra things.  Secondly, the coaching staff  found the right situations to have Kenny in the game to make him more effective.  His fluctuation of minutes were about the same as it was all season, but Kenny definitely played differently at the end of the season.  Kenny also scored in double figures 8 times in the first 24 games, but did it 7 times in the last 11 games.

Kenton Walker–The duo of Lawson and Walker created an effective center position and it was well documented over the final third of the season how effective their play was.  The numbers support that as Walker’s numbers ended up making him the 5th best direct producer of wins which kept the starting 5 from being the most effective players for the season as a whole.  The improvement of his game is very noticeable and the Jays would take a significant hit if he decides to transfer.

P’Allen Stinnett–As much as people want to criticize P’Allen, his last third of the season was quite effective as he took his Wins produced from a stagnant 3 to 8.  This means he became more efficient in making plays not only for himself, but for others.

Josh Dotzler–Josh’s direct win impact dropped off quite a bit in the last third of the season.  Josh fouled out of a few more games at the end of the season that might have had an impact on him since he was not on the court as much.  We also were aware of his shin splints which kept him off the court as well.

Kaleb Korver and Casey Harriman–They sort of flip-flopped between the 2/3 point and the end of the season.  Though  Korver’s minutes dropped significantly the last third of the season, he was apparently more efficient an improved his win score that way.  Harriman did a lot of he tough dirty work in the trenches of the post area that don’t show up in the box score. Unfortunately, that hurt his Win Score.

Booker Woodfox and Justin Carter–These two guys were the most consistent players all season and continued to be the players that helped carry this team throughout the season.  However, it seemed that Justin Carter seemed to be more involved in more plays at the end of the season and really took on a leadership role.  I’ll be really interested to see what he looks like last year.  Booker helped win games.  What else can you say?

Anyway, this is a little bit of fun information on the players.  Out of the top 7 players, it could end up being that only 3 of those players will be on the team next season which means if that is the case, several players will need to step up and make a steady impact for the team.


One Response to Final Win Scores for 08-09

  1. Jon Green says:

    No mention of Cavel and Antoine? I’m not claiming Cavel is a better PG than Antoine, but these numbers sure show him as contributing more to this team…. rebounding from a bad January.

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