Around the Rim–4/22/09

As I work on lining up interviews with this year’s incoming Bluejays and their former coaches, here are a few things to chew on.

  • Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have appeared to be a major focus in the sports world these days.  Oklahoma is the latest to make news in the use of Social Networking sites and the web.  They have released a new Social Networking policy for their student-athletes.  It outlines a code of conduct that the athletes need to follow when using these tools.   Athletes are warned that their postings must comply with a code of conduct and can be punishable with education, counseling, suspension or expulsion and with the reduction or cancellation of financial aid. It warns athletes not to post pictures that would portray them negatively nor post contact information that agents or their runners could use to put the athletes’ eligibility in jeopardy.  “‘Partying,’ ‘drinking,’ and ‘getting wasted’ do not qualify as real hobbies or interests,” the policy warns.  It will be interesting to see if more schools do this sort of thing.
  • According to the Creighton Bluejays Examiner, it sounds like P’Allen Stinnett is recovering nicely from his knee surgery to repair his torn meniscus and the removal of an unexpected ingenial hernia.  But the other news is about recently departed Cavel Witter.  Witter has offers from about 10 Division II schools, but also has D-1 offers from Maryland-Eastern Shore and New Hampshire.
  • Are side deals to the Letter of Intent going to be a more common thing?  Interesting information.  Coaches appear to be why players go to a particular school and not the school reputation for their academic future.
  • Interesting analysis by Joe Lunardi on the “Eye Test” of teams getting into the NCAA tournament.  And nice picture of Coach Altman.
  • How much time does Jim Les have at Bradley?  The team has been progressively slipping since their Sweet 16 appearance 4 seasons ago now.  Having a top 23 recruiting class just 2-years ago apparently isn’t panning out or maybe the coaching isn’t what it could be.  Like I saw Ben Jacobson from UNI on the hot seat at the beginning of this past season, I see Jim Les sitting on that vacated seat in November.
  • Rivals has put out the first of several reports on how schools try to put their schedules together.  They are tailing Tennessee, Siena and Moorehead St.  Somewhat interesting, but nothing we haven’t heard before.
  • Finally, Dustin Sitzmann is still getting the chance for noteriety as he is being hyped as having his signature on a Jay’s signed basketball for a fundraiser in his hometown.

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