Around The Rim–5/11/09

It has been a little bit crazy lately and have just been able to keep up with some quick little tidbits.

  • Congratulations to Andrew Bock for winning the 3-pt. contest in the Academic All-American Classic in California Saturday night.  He also helped lead his West all-star team to victory.
  • The Valley is looking to cut costs in the near future.  That could mean maybe only 8 of the 10 teams make the MVC basketball tourney.   That could definitely reshape Arch Madness.  I’m not sure about that.
  • If you are headed to Florida to watch the Jays play in the Old Spice Classic over Thanksgiving, official travel packages from Anthony Travel are now available from the Old Spice Classic website.  See what you think, but for the cost weary, there may be other options available.
  • Two perspectives on scheduling.  Though things seem the same for Illinois St. and Wisconsin, it is totally different.  C’mon Wisconsin.  Schedule a home-home with a Valley school if you are really running into that much trouble.  I’m sure they would jump at it.
  • Check out the Bluejay players at the Holdrege Dusters boys basketball camp May 26-29.
  • Boy, does this sound like Josh Jones or what?  Ironic that Creighton was in the mix in recruiting as well.   You wonder if they still are.
  • Here’s some interesting info on St. Joseph’s renovations to their normal basketball facility as the Jays played in the Palestra against St. Joes last season during the renovation.
  • The City of Evansville is continuing on with their desire to have a new downtown arena.  It even has it’s own website now.

I have some interesting things I hope to post in the next week or so.  Stay tuned for that.


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