Jays Getting Another Guard?

With the Departure of Kenton Walker, you would assume that the Jays would be looking for a big guy to replace him for this upcoming season.  But apparently they are going a different direction.


A report today out of the Eureka Times Standard in California, it sounds like 6’2″, 170lb guard Greg Allen is mulling over whether to sign with Creighton or not.

Allen has a letter of intent in hand from Creighton but also has interest from Hawaii and others.

At this point, Allen said he isn’t sure when he’s going to make a decision to put a pen to the papers.

”I’m not sure yet,” said Allen on the phone Thursday evening. “I got a call from BYU today. I don’t know if I want to go there. I don’t know when I’m going to sign with Creighton. But it has to be before the 20th of this month.”

Allen said he also spoke with representatives from UNLV and Georgia State.

The 6-foot-2 guard noted interest began to build after the SATs.

”It was after I passed my SATs, then word got around that I was actually qualified,” Allen said. “Schools were looking at me but my grades were too low. It took me three times to pass the SAT, but when I got my scores, schools started getting interested.”

When asked about the possibility of Allen signing with Creighton, Eureka basketball head coach Duane Peterson had this to say: “That’s what we’re anticipating. But Greg is going to make the final call.”

Allen averaged over 25 points this past season for Eureka High School in Eureka California that went 15-12.  According to the article, he has until the 20th of May to sign, which concludes the spring signing period.  So I guess we’ll have to see.  Another point guard, not a big man.

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