Around the Rim–5/25/09

I few random things from the past few weeks.  This is the slow time of the year and with the latest signing period now past us, the next thing will be seeing what the players are doing for the summer and piecing the 2009-10 schedule together.   In the meantime, here are a few things of interest.

  • As everyone knows by now, the Jays signed another point guard in Greg Allen.  It will be interesting to see how this works having Antoine Young as the expected incumbent to the starting point guard position, seeing Andrew Bock eventually being the point guard on the court and fitting in Allen.  I’m assuming the thought is to see 2 of the 3 on the court at the same time during stretches during next season.  I can only imagine that is the case if Allen expects to see 25 minutes a game on the court.  He isn’t lacking confidence, that is for sure.  Then you add Josh Jones into the mix, the backcourt has become young pretty fast.    I’m still curious how the Jays are going to fill the middle, but I suppose we will wait and see.
  • Speaking of recruiting, the 4th Korver is playing D-I basketball.  This time at UMKC.  Quite a feat for one family to have enough talent to do that.  The Berry family sticks out to me as one of the only families to be able to boast the same thing.  I’m betting UMKC will be on the Jays schedule at some point over the next 2-3 years.
  • Next weekend is Coach Altman’s yearly jaunt to Las Vegas for the Coaches vs. Cancer fund raising golf tournament hosted by former mentor Lon Kruger.    And while I’m mentioning UNLV–Boy they have quite the schedule this season.
  • Why does the dead horse keep getting kicked?
  • As conferences continue to try and cut costs, the Big Sky conference almost cut down their postseason basketball tournaments from 6 to 4 teams.  Good to see that the Valley didn’t change Arch Madness at least this upcoming season.
  • With Wes Eikmeier going to Colorado St. from Iowa St. this offseason, there is apparently a lot of “Nebraska” talent bypassing the Huskers and the Jays to play at Colorado St creating a bit of a Nebraska pipeline for this team.  Is this a good thing?   I think I have an idea who the Jays might get matched up with for the next set of games for the MVC/MWC Challenge.   It would definitely be a storyline.
  • I find it funny that Chris Lowery and Matt Painter both got coaching positions on the Under 19 USA team for the summer.  Their buddy and former head coach Bruce Weber was on the selection committee.

I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day.  Thank those people that have died to allow us to have the freedom of speech and for letting us do things that others in the world cannot.

One Response to Around the Rim–5/25/09

  1. Matt says:

    ”I would have made those free throws in that loss to Kentucky,” he added, referring to Creighton’s 65-63 loss in the NIT.

    Pretty bold statement by the young man….

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