Metro Summer League 2009

For the past couple of seasons, the Bluejays have played in the Council-Bluffs Metro Summer Basketball league.  This has given fans a chance to see the former, current and incoming Bluejays play some basketball.  Yes, it isn’t the most defensive friendly type of league and maybe not always team play, but it was exciting to see what the players were doing in the off season to keep up their game and to play a litle more competition.

Two seasons ago, there were both Nebraska and Creighton players playing which made for some excitement when those teams stocked full of new players faced off.  Last summer, the Husker players did not take part in the summer league.  Many of the players were out of town all summer and some played in summer leagues in different states.

This left Creighton as the only D-1 school taking part in the league.  However, this summer, the Jays are not part of the league either.   The Jays are doing something different, but what that is I am not sure of.  I know they have their new weight and conditioning program going on and several players were interested in playing in the summer league but were told they could not take part.   So it would be interesting to know what the players have planned for the summer other than maybe playing pickup games against each other.

Anyway, the Metro Summer Basketball League is starting up already, this Thursday, June 4th.  This year the league is going to be played at the Omaha Sports Academy at 11726 Stonegate Circle in Omaha.  I am hoping to find out  more information, but I have the understanding that former Bluejays like Anthony Tolliver will take part in the league this season again along with some appearances from some NBA players like Kirk Hinrich formerly Kansas and currently with the NBA’s Chicago Bulls.

If anyone has more information on the league for this summer, I would be interested in hearing more about it.  I know coach Altman doesn’t like these summer league things, but I think the Jays should be playing against someone this summer.

What do you think?

Update: Jason has updated his site and the teams and schedule are listed.  It appears that Nate Funk, Anthony Tolliver, Dane Watts and possibly even Kyle Korver are former Bluejays that will be making appearances throughout the summer as well as Rodney Buford playing on one of the “Draft” teams.


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