Greg Allen Stars in All-Star Game

The last of the Jays recruiting class, Greg Allen, participated in the 2009 Humboldt-Del Norte League Senior All-Star Game last night.  His team won 78-54.  He led both teams in scoring with 19 points and had a little fun at the end.

The first-half featured great hustle by both teams but as the Machine built their insurmountable lead in the second, competition gave way to show time.

The game ended fittingly with players clearing the lane for Allen.

The Creighton-bound player flew to the basket, underhand-scopped the ball off the backboard, caught it on the fly, and slammed in a mamma jamma as time expired.

Greg’s next stop is Creighton to start summer workouts with the team.

Though Allen was the only player on both teams going to play Division-I basketball, a few of the other players are going to play other sports at the D-I level (one at BYU to play football while another will play Baseball at Arizona St.) A majority will be attending the local College of the Redwoods to continue their sports careers.   So it is fitting that Allen led the way and should have been leading these teams.  We are excited to see him at Creighton.

Notes:–Since the original BluejayCafe message board is no longer, I hope you spread the word about this blog and other Creighton blogs I have linked to on this site.  I hope to continue to provide interesting and informative posts about the Bluejays and other interesting tidbits.  The BJC is now a Rivals site with a free and premium message boards.  Unfortunately, great information that was posted on the old BJC that was totally free is going to be lost by a lot of fans since that same information will only be posted on the “Premium” message board on the new Rivals site.

Since I have a family and don’t have extra income to throw around, I won’t be paying to access the “Premium” board.  So I probably won’t be posting much over there and I’ll try to find out information independent of the “Premium” board so I don’t get anyone in trouble.   I’ll try to post on the free board, but eventually, my posts will probably be removed.   Thank you for your interest and I hope to post more in the future.



5 Responses to Greg Allen Stars in All-Star Game

  1. KenoshaJay says:

    Nice summary – looking forward to see Greg in a Jays uniform. Keep up the good work w/ the blog. Still have not signed up w/ the rivals board – it just not feel the same….. Thanks!
    Steve Feuerbach

  2. Stephen P. Horn says:

    Don’t like the changes at all. Is CU really signing on to this?

  3. Rosco says:

    I’ve always just been a lurker at the Cafe, and I don’t feel like joining anything at rivals. But I have been reading your blog for a while. So now it will be my only source for Jays info. Keep the updates coming, I appreciate it!

  4. Stephen P. Horn says:

    Can fans get in to watch the summer pickup games? I miss the summer league. Have asked about this of CU ass AD but was sent to Patty Galas who never replied.

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