Around the Rim–6/17/09

There have been a lot of speculation by many sites this week on the different teams in the Valley.  Take a look at all the opinions.

  • A Bradley fan that writes for the Examiner is having his own Fantasy draft of MVC players.  He took P’Allen Stinnett #1.  He evaluated the Valley coaches and gave Dana Altman the only A grade with Jim Les on the same level as Gregg Marshall.  He also conducted a survey on Valley favorites.  Now after reading all of this, I am getting the feeling he might be a Creighton fan hiding behind that Bradley cap.
  • A new Southern Illinois fan website is around now and they took the Valley coach evaluation and took it a step farther by including the whole coaching staffs.  Dana Altman and his staff come out on top there while their own Chris Lowery and his staff come in at 6th.  They are about to put up a post on ranking the Valley basketball facilities/arenas.
  • Creighton and Nebraska may be looking at Elliott Eliason from Chadron, but Tubby Smith and Minnesota are trying to lure him to the Gophers as well.
  • Looks like Kenton Walker is headed to St. Mary’s.
  • 3 new rule changes for next season.  It will be interesting to see how this affects all the charges Creighton players take.
  • Will Kyle Korver’s record go down?  Well, kickball record that is.
  • We all may know that Omaha is submitting a proposal to again host the 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA Tournament for one of the seasons in 2011, 2012, or 2013 well Wichita is now throwing their hat into the ring.

One Response to Around the Rim–6/17/09

  1. J. Bouska says:

    Enjoy your low-key site. Nice to read about CUBB without paying $$ to self-promoting mouth-breathers. Suggestion: please post links to other MVC message boards. Doubt this will happen on Rivals.

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