Bluejay Banter Recap–6/21/09

If you were not able to hear the Bluejay Banter radio show live on Sunday, here is what you missed:

  • Tim and Heath put in their early predictions on the MVC standings for next season.  They each had their own rankings, but here was their consensus rankings:
  1. Creighton
  2. Illinois St.
  3. Northern Iowa
  4. Southern Illinois
  5. Wichita St.
  6. Indiana St.
  7. Bradley
  8. Drake
  9. Missouri St.
  10. Evansville

Now, I’m not an expert, but if Bradley really finishes in the bottom half, then Jim Les will be looking for a job.  At this point, Jim Les has the most tenure in the Valley behind Dana Altman and I think Bradley fans are getting a little impatient after slowly falling down since their Sweet 16 appearance.  Sam Singh does get a 6th year of eligibility coming this season, though I don’t think that will necessarily help.

There was a big discussion about who was bringing back the most talent.  Northern Iowa looks to have most everyone coming back according to Heath, but Tim thinks Creighton and Illinois St. will have the most.  They didn’t discuss this, but it is possible that Lucas O’Rear might actually leave Northern Iowa if he gets a better opportunity with Baseball.

  • A great interview with Chad Millard–Pitino vs. Altman, who is the tougher coach to play for?  I don’t want to mince words, so you can listen to the podcast.   But a lot of great insight.
  • A bunch of quick hitters on other topics of discussion–Like the Nebraska non-conference schedule, Nick Bahe, Booker Woodfox nba workout, P’Allen Stinnett chasing Rodney Buford, .
  • There was a nice plug to this site.

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