NBA Draft Tonight–Woodfox be drafted?

Tonight is the NBA draft.  The last Bluejay to be drafted was Kyle Korver.  Could Booker Woodfox be next?

Last week, Booker worked out for the Milwaukee Bucks.  Milwaukee was his third pre-draft workout and he had a few more lined up before tonight.  After the workout, the official Bucks NBA website had interviews with each of the players that worked out.  Here is what Booker had to say about his workout:

On today’s workout…
“I played alright. I did pretty well in the shooting games, but my shot wasn’t really falling in the full-court games and the half-court games. I played hard and gave it my all.”

On what he’d bring to the Bucks…
“Just energy. Get everybody going, and just try to help out as much as I can, whatever position I’m in.”

On future workouts…
“I’ve had three so far. I got a few more workouts coming up. My agent is supposed to let me know about those tomorrow.”

On the Bucks workout compared to other workouts…
“It was the best one. It was short and sweet. Everybody went hard and that’s what I like. Everybody played together and we all did well.”

Then Bucks Director of Player Personnel Dave Babcock had this to say about Booker’s workout:

Booker Woodfox – “Just like (Mike)Rose (who also worked out), he’s a shooter. I don’t think he’s a draftable guy, per se, but he did a nice job today.”

It will be interesting to see what happens tonight.  I’m sure Booker will get invited to a summer league camp as a free agent and given an opportunity.  Otherwise, I’m sure he will get an opportunity somewhere overseas and the fans in Europe can enjoy the sweet shot of Booker Woodfox.  Like Booker’s sister says from her Twitter–

“All we can do is wait…nba workout with milwaukee bucks june19th..NBA or Overseas? Either way im happy for my bro! Booker Woodfox all day!”

Good luck to Booker tonight.


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