TV Broadcast Schedules


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Channel Cox in Omaha (HD) DirecTV (HD) Dish Network Qwest Choice Cable in Omaha
ESPN 31 (735) 206 (206) 140 28
ESPN2 30 (736) 209 (209) 144 30
ESPNU 220 609 148 N/A
CBS College Sports N/A 613 (613) 152 N/A
MTN N/A 616 N/A N/A
Altitude N/A 681 410 N/A
Versus 231 603 (603) 151 N/A
Big 10 Network N/A 610 (610) 439 N/A
FSN Midwest 47 (745) 647 (647) 418 33
Fox College Sports Pacific N/A DirecTV Sports Pack Multi-Sport Package N/A
Fox College Sports Central N/A DirecTV Sports Pack Multi-Sport Package N/A
Fox College Sports Atlantic N/A DirecTV Sports Pack Multi-Sport Package N/A
ESPN Full Court 601-606 788-793 N/A

If you have Cox and don’t have these channels, call Cox and request that they be added. (933-3000) They say that the more people that request channels they don’t have are more likely to get them added sooner.

*Missouri St. Mediacom games–All games in the Mediacom package will be shown locally on Mediacom Connections Channel 14 and around the state on the Missouri Cable Sports Network. MCSN includes the Mediacom, Time Warner, Charter, Suddenlink, CableOne, Cox Communications and Cable America cable systems, covering markets in Springfield, Columbia, Jefferson City, St. Louis, Kansas City, Joplin and others.

*Drake Mediacom games–Most in Iowa can watch games broadcast on Mediacom on Channel 22. Some other cities in Iowa that have Mediacom will find the game on another channel (Ch. 5 in Mason City; Ch. 74 in Iowa City

*Southern Illinois Mediacom games–Mediacom will air the games in its markets throughout much of Illinois and Missouri, and parts of Kentucky and Iowa

*Bradley Comcast Games–Beginning with the season-opener Nov. 14 versus UIC, Comcast’s telecasts will air locally on Channel 74, which is part of the Standard Cable package. Comcast also is partnering with Mediacom to expand its Bradley Basketball coverage area throughout Central Illinois.

*Illinois St. Comcast Games–The ISU games will be available on channel 74 in both the Bloomington-Normal and Peoria markets. These channels are available to all Comcast customers in those areas as part of the “Classic” level of service. In addition, Mediacom in central Illinois will also carry the games on channel 78.

Valley Games on TV

11/14–Bradley vs. Illinois-Chicago, 7PM, Local TV-Lakeshore Public TV (NW Indiana)
11/15–Illinois St. vs. Wright State, 6PM, Local TV-Comcast (Bloomington)
11/16–Bradley vs. Florida (CBE Classic)-1:15PM, ESPNU
11/16–Drake vs. Butler, 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Iowa)
11/19–Wichita St. vs. UMKC, 7PM, Local TV-Cox Kansas Now 22 (Wichita)
11/19–Northern Iowa @ Illinois-Chicago, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
11/19–Drake vs. Morehead St., 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Iowa)
11/20–Southern Illinois vs. TBA (2K Sports Classic), 6PM, ESPN2
11/21–Southern Illinois vs. TBA (2K Sports Classic), TBA, ESPN2
11/22–Creighton vs. Oral Roberts, 2PM, Local TV-Action3News (Omaha)
11/22–Missouri St. vs. Arkansas, 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Missouri St.)
11/23–Indiana St. vs. North Texas, 1PM, Local TV-WTWO
11/23–Drake vs. South Dakota St., 2PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Iowa)
11/24–Bradley vs. UMKC (CBE Classic), 4PM, Local TV-Comcast (Peoria)
11/25–Bradley vs. Florida-Gulf Coast (CBE Classic), 6PM, Local TV-Comcast (Peoria)
11/25–Creighton @ Arkansas-Little Rock, 7PM, Local TV-Action3News (Omaha)
11/25–Northern Iowa vs. Chicago State, 8PM, Local TV-CFU (Cedar Falls Utilities)
11/26–Bradley vs. Richmond (CBE Classic), 4PM, Local TV-Comcast (Peoria)
11/26–Southern Illinois @ Western Kentucky, 7PM, Fox College Sports Atlantic
11/27–Wichita St. vs Georgetown (Old Spice Classic) 1PM, ESPN2
11/28–Wichita St. vs Tennessee/Siena (Old Spice Classic), 9:35AM or 12:35 PM, ESPNU or ESPN
11/28–Utah @ Missouri St, 7PM, MTN dropped according to this article
11/28–Northern Iowa vs. Marquette (Chicago Invitational, 7:30PM, Local TV-Time Warner32 (Marquette)
11/29–Drake vs. Vanderbilt (Cancun Tournament), 7:30PM, CBS College Sports
11/29–Creighton @ Nebraska, 7PM, Fox Sports Midwest and ESPN Full Court

11/30–Wichita St. vs. TBD (Old Spice Classic), TBD, ESPN2 or ESPNU
12/2–Southern Illinois vs St. Louis, 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom(SIU) and Comcast-CCIN (St. Louis)
12/3–Wichita St. @ Texas Tech, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
12/3–Drake vs. Lincoln, 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom (iowa)
12/3–Iowa St. @ Northern Iowa, 8PM, Local TV-KFXA-Fox 28 (Iowa)
12/5–Drake vs. UT-Pan American, 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Iowa)
12/6–Indiana St. @ Louisville, 1PM, Local TV-WHAS 11 (Louisville)
12/6–Drake vs. North Carolina Central, 3PM, Locat TV-Mediacom (Iowa)
12/6–Illinois St. vs. Bowling Green, 7PM, Local TV-Comcast (Bloomington)
12/6–Northern Iowa vs. North Dakota, 7PM, Local TV-CFU (Cedar Falls Utilities)
12/7–Bradley @ Michigan St, 3PM, Big 10 Network
12/8–Wichita St. @ TCU, 8PM, MTN
12/9–Northern Iowa @ Iowa, 6PM, ESPNU
12/9–Drake @Iowa St, 8PM, ESPNU
12/10–Creighton vs. Dayton, 7PM, Local TV-Action3News (Omaha) and WHIO-TV (Dayton)
12/10–Missouri St. @ Tulsa, 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Missouri St.)
12/10–Bradley vs. Butler, 7PM, Local TV-Comcast (Peoria)
12/12–Drake vs. Georgia Southern, 7PM, Locatl TV-Mediacom (Iowa)
12/13–Drake vs. TBA, 7:30PM, Local TV-Mediacom (iowa)
12/13–Indiana St. @ Purdue, 1PM, Big 10 Network

12/17–Southern Illinois @ Northern Illinois, Local TV-Mediacom
12/18–Evansville @ North Carolina, 6PM, ESPN
12/20–Indiana St. vs. Depauw, 1PM, Local TV-WTWO
12/20–Iowa @ Drake, 3PM, ESPNU
12/20–Illinois St. vs. Illinois-Chicago, 7PM, Local TV–Comcast (Bloomington)
12/20–Bradley @ Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 7PM, Local TV-Comcast (Peoria)
12/28–Southern Illinois @ Bradley, 1PM, Local TV-Mediacom
12/28–Drake @ Evansville, 7PM, FSN Midwest
12/28–Creighton vs. Wichita St., 7PM, Local TV-Action3News (Omaha) and Cox Kansas Now 22 (Wichita)
12/31–Drake vs. Missouri St. 2PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Iowa)
12/31–Bradley @ Wichita St., 7PM, Local TV-Comcast (Peoria)
12/31–Southern Illinois @ Western Illinois, 7PM, Local TV-WIU TV3 (West. Ill.)
1/3–Creighton @ Illinois St. 7PM, FSN Midwest
1/3–Northern Iowa vs. Wichita St., 7PM, Local TV-CFU (Cedar Falls Utilities) and Cox Kansas Now 22 (Wichita)
1/3–Bradley @ Missouri St, 7PM, Local TV-Comcast (Peoria)
1/4–Indiana St. vs. Evansville, 1:35PM, FSN Midwest
1/4–Drake @ Southern Illinois, 6PM, ESPNU
1/6–Illinois St. @ Bradley, 7PM, Local TV-Comcast (Peoria)
1/6–Creighton vs. Northern Iowa, 7PM, Local TV-Action3News (Omaha)
1/7–Southern Illinois @ Wichita st., 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom
1/7–Drake vs. Indiana St., 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Iowa)
1/10–Indiana St. vs. Illinois St, 6PM, Local TV-WTWO (Indiana St.) and Comcast (Bloomington)
1/10–Creighton @ Bradley, 7PM, Local TV-WTVP (Peoria PBS)
1/10–Missouri St. @ Northern Iowa, 7PM, FSN Midwest
1/11–Wichita St. vs. Drake, 6PM, ESPNU
1/13–Indiana St vs. Bradley, 6PM, Local TV-WTWO

1/14–Southern Illinois @ Creighton, 7PM, FSN Midwest
1/14–Wichita St. @ MIssouri St., 7PM, Local TV-Cox Kansas Now 22 (Wichita)
1/17–Creighton @ Wichita St., 3PM, FSN Midwest
1/17–Northern Iowa @ Drake, 11AM, ESPN2
1/18–Bradley @ Southern Illinois, 6PM, ESPNU
1/18–Missouri St. @ Illinois St., 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Missouri st.)
1/19–Illinois St @ Missouri St., 7PM, FSN Midwest
1/20–Creighton @ Evansville, 6PM, ESPNU
1/21–Southern Illinois @ Indiana St., 6PM, Local TV-WSIU 8
1/21–Northern Iowa vs. Bradley, 7PM, Local TV-KFXA (Iowa) and Comcast (Peoria)
1/21–Wichita St., vs Illinois St., 7PM, Local TV-Cox Kansas Now 22 (Wichita)
1/24–Creighton vs. Drake, 1PM, Local TV-Action3News (Omaha)
1/24–Southern Illinois @ Illinois St., 4PM, FSN Midwest
1/24–Indiana St @ Bradley, 6PM, FSN Midwest
1/25–Missouri St. vs Northern Iowa, 6PM, ESPNU

1/27–Creighton vs. Indiana St., 7PM, Local TV-Nebraska NET-2
1/28–Northern Iowa vs Illinois St., 7PM, Local TV-CFU (Cedar Falls Utilities) and Comcast (Bloomington)
1/28–Wichita St. at Bradley, 7PM, Local TV-KWCH (Wichita)
1/28–Missouri St. @ Southern Illinois, 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Missouri St.)
1/28–Evansville @ Drake, 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Iowa)
1/31–Indiana St vs. Northern Iowa, 12PM, FSN Midwest
1/31–Bradley @ Illinois St.,, 3PM, Local TV-Comcast (Bloomington)
1/31–Drake @ Wichita St., 4PM, FSN Midwest
1/31–Southern Illinois @ Evansville, 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom
2/1–Creighton vs. Missouri St., 2PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Missouri St.) and Nebraska NET-1/NET-HD
2/4–Indiana St. vs. Wichita St., 6PM, Local TV-WTWO (Indiana St.) and Cox Kansas Now 22 (Wichita)
2/4–Creighton @ Drake, 7PM, Local TV-Action3News (Omaha) and Mediacom (Iowa)
2/4–Illinois St @ Southern Illinois, 7PM, FSN Midwest
2/4–Missouri St. vs. Evansville, 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Missouri St.)

2/7–Southern Illinois @ Missouri St, 3PM, ESPN2
2/7–Bradley @ Drake, 7PM, FSN Midwest
2/7–Wichita St. at Evansville, 7PM, Local TV-KWCH (Wichita)
2/8–Creighton at Northern Iowa, 1PM, ESPN Full Court and Local TV-Action3News (Omaha) & CFU/Mediacom (Iowa)
2/8–Indiana St. @ Illinois St, 6PM, ESPNU
2/10–Wichita St. vs. MIssouri St., 7PM, Local TV-Cox Kansas Now 22 (Wichita) and Mediacom (Missouri St.)

2/11–Indiana St. vs. Drake, 6PM, Local TV-WTWO
2/11–Northern Iowa vs. Southern Illinois, 7PM, Local TV-KFXA (Iowa) and Mediacom (SIU)
2/11–Bradley @ Creighton, 7:35PM, FSN Midwest
2/14–Evansville @ Bradley, 1PM, Local TV-Comcast (Peoria)
2/14–Creighton @ Southern Illinois, 4PM, ESPN2
2/14–Wichita St. @ Illinois St., 7PM, Local TV-Cox Sports Now 22 (Wichita)
2/14–Indiana St. @ Missouri St., 7PM FSN Midwest
2/15–Illinois St. @ Drake, 6PM, ESPNU
2/17–Missouri St. @ Bradley, 7PM, Local TV-Mediacom (Missouri St.)
2/17–Creighton vs. Evansville, 7PM, Local TV-Nebraska NET-1/NE
2/18–Northern Iowa vs. Drake, 7PM, Local TV-KFXA (Iowa)
2/18–Indiana St. @ Southern Illinois, 7PM, Local TV-WTWO
2/18–Wichita St. @ Illinois St., Local TV-Cox Kansas Now 22 (Wichita)
2/20–Illinois St. @ Niagara, 6PM, ESPN2
2/21–Northern Iowa @ Siena, 2PM, ESPN2
2/21–Miami (OH) @ Evansville, 2:30, ESPNU
2/21–Bradley @ Loyola-Chicago, 4PM, ESPN Full Court
2/21–George Mason @  Creighton, 8:30PM, ESPNU
2/24–Creighton @ Missouri St., 7PM, Local TV-Action3News (Omaha)

2/25–Southern Illinois @ Drake, 7:35PM, FSN Midwest
2/25–Bradley @ Evansville, 7PM, Local TV-Comcast (Peoria)
2/28–FSN Wildcard–Evansville @ Northern Iowa, 7:35 PM, FSN Midwest (Cox Channel 2 in Omaha)
2/28–ESPN2 Wildcard–Illinois St. @ Creighton, 1PM, ESPN2
2/28–Indiana St. vs. Missouri St., 1PM, Local TV-WTWO


Jays Non-Conference Opponents TV Schedules

BOLD-Jays Home Opponent
Italics-Jays Away Opponent

11/20 vs. Grambling St., 8PM, Local TV-My50 (Albuquerque)
11/22 vs. Central Florida, 8PM, Local TV-My50 (Albuquerque)
11/29 vs. VCU (Cancun Tournament), 10PM, CBS College Sports
11/30 vs. TBA (Cancun Tournament), TBA, CBS College Sports
12/6 vs. Southern Miss, 5PM, MTN
12/10 @ San Diego, 9PM, Local TV-SD4 (San Diego Cox System only) and Local TV-My50 (Albuquerque)
12/13 vs. Ole MIss, 3PM, Versus
12/17 vs. Oral Roberts, 7:30PM, MTN
12/20 @ Texas Tech, Noon, ESPN Full Court
12/23 vs. New Mexico St, 7:30PM, MTN
12/30 @ New Mexico St. 8PM, ESPN Full Court
1/3 @ UNLV, 9:30PM, MTN
1/10 vs. Air Force, 9:30PM, MTN
1/17 vs. BYU, 3PM, Versus
1/21 @ San Diego St., 9:30PM, MTN
1/28 vs. Colorado St., 8:30PM, MTN
1/31 @ Utah, 2:30PM, MTN
2/3 vs. Wyoming, 9PM, CBS College Sports
2/7 vs. UNLV, 7PM, CBS College Sports
2/11 @ Air Force, 9PM, CBS College Sports
2/17 @ BYU, 9PM, MTN
2/21 vs. San Diego St., 2PM, Versus
2/24 vs. TCU, 7:30, MTN
3/3 vs. Utah, 8PM, MTN
3/7 @ Wyoming, 2:30PM, MTN

12/2 @ Missouri, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
12/6 @ Purdue, 7PM, Big 10 Network
12/22 @ Cincinatti, 6:30PM, ESPN Full Court
1/26 vs. Prairie View A & M, 5:30PM, ESPNU
3/2 vs. Jackson St., 8PM, ESPNU

11/17 vs. John Brown, 7PM, Fox College Sports Central
11/30 @ Missouri, 3PM, Fox Sports Midwest and ESPN Full Court
12/8 vs. Arkansas-Little Rock, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
12/13 @ North Carolina, 5PM, ESPN
12/17 @ New Mexico, 7:30PM, MTN
1/2 vs. Centenary, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
1/8 vs. IPFW, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
1/10 vs. Oakland, 7PM Local TV-KGEB (Tulsa)
1/17 @ Western Illinois, 7PM, Local TV-WIUTV3 (Illinois)
1/22 vs. UMKC, 7PM, Local TV-Metro Sports (Kansas) and KGEB (Tulsa)
1/24 vs. Southern Utah, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
2/12 vs. Western Illinois, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
2/14 vs. IUPUI, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
2/21 @ UMKC, 7PM, Local TV-Metro Sports (Kansas)
2/26 vs. South Dakota St., 7PM, ESPN Full Court
2/28 vs. North Dakota St., 7PM, ESPN Full Court

Arkansas-Little Rock
12/8 @ Oral Roberts, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
12/17 @ Memphis, 7PM, Local TV (Memphis)
12/20 vs. Arkansas St, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
1/3 @ Western Kentucky, 7PM, Fox College Sports Central
1/10 @ New Orleans, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
2/8 vs. Denver, 4PM, ESPN Full Court
2/19 vs. Western Kentucky, 7PM, Fox College Sports Central

11/19 @ TCU, 7PM, CBS College Sports
11/25 vs. St. Louis, 7PM, Fox Sports Midwest and ESPN Full Court
11/29 vs. Creighton, 7PM, Fox Sports Midwest
12/3 vs. Alabama St., 7PM, Fox Sports Midwest
12/7 @ Arizona State, 1PM, Fox Sports Midwest
12/13 @ Oregon State, 7PM, Fox Sports Midwest
12/23 vs. UMBC, 7PM, Fox Sports Midwest and ESPN Full Court
1/10 vs. Missouri, 2PM, ESPN2
1/14 @ Iowa State, 7PM, FSN Midwest and ESPN Full Court
1/17 @ Kansas St., 5PM, ESPN Full Court
1/21 @ Oklahoma, 8PM, ESPNU
1/24 vs. Oklahoma St., 3PM, ESPN Full Court
1/28 vs. Kansas, 8:30PM, ESPN2
1/31 @ Texas Tech, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
2/4 @ Colorado, 9PM, Fox Sports Midwest
2/7 vs. Texas, 2PM, ESPN
2/14 @ Missouri, 12:30PM, ESPN Full Court
2/18 vs. Colorado, 8PM, ESPNU
2/21 @ Kansas, 3PM, ESPN Full Court
2/24 vs. Texas A&M, 8:30PM, ESPN2
2/28 @ Kansas St., 7PM, ESPN Full Court
3/4 vs. Iowa St., 6:30PM, FSN MIdwest
3/7 @ Baylor, 12:30PM, ESPN Full Court

11/14 @ Arizona St, 9PM, Fox College Sports Pacific
11/17 @ Oklahoma, 8PM, ESPNU
11/29 @ Iowa St., 12:30PM, ESPN Full Court
12/7 @ Kentucky, 2PM, ESPN Full Court
1/19 @ Southern, 8PM ESPNU
1/31 @ Jackson St., 1PM, ESPN2
2/9 @ Alabama State, 8PM, ESPNU

Saint Joseph’s
11/24 vs. Texas (Maui Inv.), 2PM, ESPN2
11/25 vs. Indiana/Notre Dame (Maui Inv.), TBA, ESPN/ESPNU
11/26 vs (Maui Inv. Opponent), TBA, ESPN Family Networks
12/11 @ Villanova, 7PM, ESPN2
12/31 @ Drexel, 4PM, Local TV-CN8 (Philly)
1/18 vs. Charlotte, 3PM, CBS College Sports
1/24 vs. Penn, 6PM, Local TV-CN8 (Philly)
2/1 @ Dayton, TBA
2/8 @ UMass, 2PM, CBS College Sports
2/12 vs. Temple, 6PM, ESPN or ESPN2
2/18 @ St. Louis, 9PM, CBS College Sports
2/26 vs. Xavier, 6PM, ESPN or ESPN2
3/5 @ Temple, 6PM, CBS College Sports

11/29 vs. Marquette (Chicago Invitational), 7PM, Local TV-Time Warner 32 (Marquette)
12/30 vs. George Mason, 6PM, Local TV-WHIO7 (Dayton)
1/6 vs. Miami (OH), 6PM, Local TV-WHIO7 (Dayton)
1/29 vs. St. Louis, 7PM, CBS College Sports
2/1 vs. St. Joseph’s, TBA
2/11 vs. Xavier, 6PM, ESPN Classic
2/21 @ St. Louis, Local TV-KPLR (St. Louis) and WHIO-7 (Dayton)
3/5 @ Xavier, 8PM, ESPN or ESPN2

Many games available streaming on
11/14 @ Oregon, 10PM, Comcast Sports Northwest (ESPN Full Court?)
11/26 vs. Denver, 8PM, FSN Rocky Mountain
1/18 vs. Portland, St., 3PM, ESPN Full Court
1/25 @ Montana, 3PM, ESPN Full Court
3/1 vs. Montana St., 3PM, ESPN Full Court

1/5 vs. Prairie View A&M, 8PM, Local TV-Cox Sports Television
1/12 @ Jackson St., 8PM, ESPNU
1/19 vs. Mississippi Valley State, 8PM, ESPNU
2/7 vs. Grambling, 8PM, Local TV-Cox Sports TV

Fresno State
11/18 @ St. Marys, 1AM, ESPN2
1/3 vs. New Mexico St., 9PM, ESPN Full Court
1/15 @ Utah St., 8PM, ESPN Full Court
1/17 @ Nevada, 9PM, ESPN Full Court
2/5 @ Hawaii, 11PM, ESPN Full Court
2/12 @ Louisiana Tech, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
2/14 @ New Mexico St., ESPN Full Court
2/19 vs. Hawaii, 10PM, ESPN2
2/26 vs. Nevada, 9PM, ESPN Full Court
3/5 @ Boise St., 8PM, ESPN Full Court
3/7 @ Idaho, 8PM, ESPN Full Court

11/22 @Illinois-Chicago, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
12/3 @ California, 9:30PM, Comcast Sports West (FSN/Full Court?)
12/6 @ Northwestern, 2:30PM, Big 10 Network
12/13 @ UCLA, 6PM, HDNet
12/31 vs. Notre Dame, 7PM, ESPN2
1/3 @ Providence, 6PM, ESPN Full Court
1/7 @ Syracuse 6PM, ESPN Full Court
1/10 vs. South Florida, 1PM,
1/17 vs. Cincinnati, 1PM, ESPNU
1/20 @ South Florida, 8PM, ESPNU
1/24 @ Marquette, 1PM, ESPN2
1/28 vs. UConn, 8PM, ESPN Full Court
1/31 @ Rutgers, 6PM, ESPNU
2/3 vs. Marquette, 8:30PM, ESPN Full Court
2/7 vs. Pitt, 1PM, ESPN Full Court
2/10 vs. Seton Hall, 6PM, ESPNU
2/15 @ Louisville, 3PM, ESPNU
2/21 @ Pitt, 6:30PM, ESPN Full Court
2/25 vs. Villanova, 7PM, ESPN Full Court
2/28 vs. St. Johns, 11AM, ESPN Full Court
3/4 @ West Virginia, 6PM, ESPN Full Court
3/7 @ Georgetown, 4PM, ESPNU

2/12 @ Delaware, 6PM, ESPNU
2/14 vs. Northeastern, 11AM, Comcast Sports Net
2/18 vs. Drexel, 6PM, Local TV-FIOS (Fairfax)
2/21 @ Creighton, 8:30PM, ESPNU
2/25 @ UNC-Wilmington, 6PM, ESPN Full Court2/28 vs. Towson, 7PM, ESPN Full Court


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  1. torear says:

    Nice work on this and the whole blog!

    BTW, Versus is ch. 49 and Altitude is ch. 71 on Qwest Choice cable in (west) Omaha.

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